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Broadcasting on:

  • 107.5FM New Castle (Lawerence County)
  • Fayette TV in Fayette County Channel 77
  • WLDJ-DB Uniontown
Ken Napzok

Ken Napzok

Ken Napzok began his broadcast career as a disc jockey for KWBR 95.3 FM in 1995. From there, he has worked in the worlds of screenwriting, comedy, and professional wrestling before rediscovering his passion for broadcasting as the producer/newsman for the "Schmoes Know Movie Show" and the Star Wars talk show "Jedi Alliance".

He has since been a producer and host for the Emmy Nominated "ScreenJunkies" brand, "Collider Video", and the "Movie Trivia Schmoedown" as well as performing stand-up comedy around the country and creating podcasts such as "The Napzok Files", "Casterly Talk", "The Afternoons", "Box Score Heroes", and "ForceCenter".

His first book, "Why We Love Star Wars" was released by Mango Publishing in 2019.

Though his heart is always dancing to best of 90's rock, he loves "The Beatles", "Moody Blues", "Fleetwood Mac", and grew up on classic rock and big hits featured here on Hall of Fame Music Radio!