A friends post today on Facebook...

What’s on my mind.

I am trying to limit my time on Facebook because of all the hate and negativity. But because this is my mode of staying in touch, it’s difficult.

As I stated before, I don’t trust the media and have been trying to read through what AP and Reuter’s are reporting as they “seem” to be middle of the road.

Please explain how people can go to Walmart, Costco, grocery stores, etc but voting in person seems to be a no no. Don’t quite understand that.

Why do we need to social distance if we are wearing masks?

If what I am reading is true, why are sorting machines being taken out of Post offices? If this is true, that is wrong. People just trying to make a living. People need their checks, medication, etc. BTW, in my opinion, the Post Office should have been overhauled years ago but I understand it’s because of pension money. That should be no excuse not to overhaul an agency that has seen it’s best days. If not for helping Amazon deliver packages, they would be gone.

This is what happens when you have career politicians whose only interest is lining their pockets. So tired of all their BS, lies and withholding the truth.

My reply...

Boy ******, me and you could go on for a long time discussing this stuff. So much BS yet so much truth buried in it as well. With all the incorrect information being spread, it makes it difficult to understand the truthful items. That then makes people disbelieve the true information and many start to think its all a conspiracy.

Much of it is easy to understand but with so much disinformation out there, most truth is getting buried. Add on top of that, when you have "career politicians" spewing disinformation as well as the country's leader not able to stop lying or spreading falsehoods, you have a whole country with not a single reputable person to turn to... Why because those conspiracy theorists in charge of the country have fired all of them for not jumping on the stupidity band wagon and screaming "It'll just go away 'cause it's not real!":

There are now a bunch of well paid friends and puppets running the country. One group is only worried about "lining their pockets" (a well known fact) and the other hasn't got the knowledge to add 2 + 2 (demon sperm?) Come on now... Why are the citizens of the great USA allowing themselves to be led and swindled by these people? Where did all common sense and intelligence go? All I can figure is that the truth and correct information has been buried so deep that even the bull's are amazed the pile got that high.

I could go on and on but I'm sure you're tired of reading my drivel on this subject and I'm sure I have rattle a few feathers but you know, even if I have, maybe I just might have caused some to open up their minds and rethink things.

This shits real and we all better start protecting ourselves because the idea of taking chances and then watching someone close to you suffer and die from this horrible virus is one hell of a deterrent to me and it should be to others.

My two cents

Thought this may be of interest to others.

Take care